The Satellite Circle – Remedy

Remedy is an uptempo number, it was the obvious choice for a second track of the album. TSC didn´t overcomplicate things, they settled for a fat driving groove from the first second of the track!

Full stoner blast from the very start, great vocals and a sick jam rock solo section.   This can well be what you get if you throw Paranoid era Sabbath, early Accept and Kilminster-Clarke-Taylor into a food mixer and turn it up all the way to ten.

Max volume on the cassette deck and hit the freeway in your Volvo PV 544!

The Satellite Circle – You Were Never the King

You Were Never the King was the opening track of the album. It starts out with a unison groove that shifts into full cosmic fuzz gear as the riffage starts for real. During the verses the band throttles back, delivering a spacey soundscape that makes a perfect platform for the haunting vocal performance.

The weird guitar sounds were made with a 1980 Gibson Firebrand 335 S, a 70s Traynor amp, a Marshall 4×12, Sovtek Big Muff fuzz, Electro Harmonix Zipper Envelope Follower and some unknown Italian Fuzz with sliders instead of regular knobs. The bass was an old Fender P through some seriously glowing vintage Ampeg tubes and a distorting 8×10 cabinet. The drums were a well beaten small Pearl kit, played by the most heavy handed drummer ever produced by northern Scandinavia.

Pictures Added

“The train that kept on rolling all night long of rock and roll that you cannot kill – it´ll live forever.”
-Steven Tyler 1977

A new section is added – click here for a number of pics taken at The Satellite Circle´s gig at Droskan, Umeå, Sweden sometime in the doomy summer of 2006 (was it the 16th of August? If so, a cool coincidence happened). More images to come later – there are loads of material hidden somewhere: pics of TSC members doing what they like best – gigging, kicking back in the rehersal space/home, wrenching the 544:s and so on.

Welcome to the new Satellite Circle website


And the band played on…

Yeah, here it is – enjoy. More stuff will be added over time. This is probably the sixth or so incarnation of the band´s official site since its launch back in 1999. The old site has been down for a short while due to the stupidness of the webmaster. However, a trip to see the mighty evil classic metal band Heaven and Helll made him realize what´s important in life – SLOW HEAVY HARD ROCK MUSIC. So here they are again, The Most Doomed Out & Massive Sounding Rock Trio Ever to Come Out of the Dark Woods of Northern Sweden: THE SATELLITE CIRCLE!