The Satellite Circle – You Were Never the King

You Were Never the King was the opening track of the album. It starts out with a unison groove that shifts into full cosmic fuzz gear as the riffage starts for real. During the verses the band throttles back, delivering a spacey soundscape that makes a perfect platform for the haunting vocal performance.

The weird guitar sounds were made with a 1980 Gibson Firebrand 335 S, a 70s Traynor amp, a Marshall 4×12, Sovtek Big Muff fuzz, Electro Harmonix Zipper Envelope Follower and some unknown Italian Fuzz with sliders instead of regular knobs. The bass was an old Fender P through some seriously glowing vintage Ampeg tubes and a distorting 8×10 cabinet. The drums were a well beaten small Pearl kit, played by the most heavy handed drummer ever produced by northern Scandinavia.

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