Welcome to the new Satellite Circle website


And the band played on…

Yeah, here it is – enjoy. More stuff will be added over time. This is probably the sixth or so incarnation of the band´s official site since its launch back in 1999. The old site has been down for a short while due to the stupidness of the webmaster. However, a trip to see the mighty evil classic metal band Heaven and Helll made him realize what´s important in life – SLOW HEAVY HARD ROCK MUSIC. So here they are again, The Most Doomed Out & Massive Sounding Rock Trio Ever to Come Out of the Dark Woods of Northern Sweden: THE SATELLITE CIRCLE!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Satellite Circle website”

  1. Tjena killar. Satan va bra ni är!!!! Även fast vi delat replokal i typ 300 år har man ju aldrig riktigt hört er… tills nu på My space. Gåshud…
    See ya!

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